Furious homeowner’s handwritten note to tradesmen who took ‘toilet virginity’

Furious homeowner’s handwritten note to tradesmen who took ‘toilet virginity’

A homeowner was left furious when she discovered that a group of tradesmen had used her toilet while renovating her house.

Nadia from Sutherland Shire in Australia had hired a group of construction workers to do a bit of work on her home, but while they were at it, they ‘took the virginity’ of her brand new toilet, leaving her stunned.

Although she’d organised for the workers to have access to an outdoor toilet, they decided to use the one she’d just had installed indoors.

After discovering the evidence that they left behind in the bowl, she was forced to wash the toilet twice.

Disgusted by the “criminal act” they’d committed, she wrote them a note before taping it to the lid.

“Dear Tradesmen. The toilets in this house are NOT rightfully yours to use,” it read.

“We are paying for an outdoor toilet for your use.

“Not only did you take the virginity of our toilets but you disrespectfully ignored the seal sign, ripped the tape and continued to use it.

“This is the second time I am cleaning your s*** from this toilet.

“This is a criminal act. Please don’t do it again”, reports Daily Mail.

After sharing the note on Facebook, many people agreed with Nadia that the construction workers should have cleaned down the toilet after using it at least.

One asked: “Using a toilet and leaving it in the state you found it, isn’t that just basic decency?”

And another wrote: “Why doesn’t anyone know how to flush the toilet after they’ve had a s***?”